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Asylum, oil on linen, 2019

Will be included in the 2019  National Association of Women Artists Annual Member Exhbiit at One Art Space 23 Warren Street, NYC from September 21 through October 2, 2019.  
Buying Greenland, oil on linen, 2019

Equal,  oil on linen, 2019
Politics and human rights have been a focus since 2017 and will continue through the end of 2020, when I hope things might start looking up again.  Till then I will be focusing on the daily onslaught of  violations against immigrants, women, refugees, people of color, the planet...guns, racists, facists, pollution, plastics, deforestation 
... the list goes on forever.

I am part of a group of likeminded artists called
Artists for Social Justice 2020, I hope you will visit there as well