a series of broken stones, a woman's path from the past to the future

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MACADAM is a collection of work that addresses the crisis facing women today.  The Kavanaugh hearings was just one of my personal launching points.  There have been others inspired by a history of attacks on women, on our bodies, our aspirations, our voting, reproduction and legal rights.

Feminists made headway fifty years ago, but as the conservative-male-dominated, religious driven, political, corporate machine churns forward I watch in horror as we fall, backwards, into a world where politicians deem women a property of the state and religious fundamentalist cult leaders attempt to force women into a subservient position. 

MACADAM is here in protest, a call to action - to fight for these basic human rights, before they are lost.



  Catherine Blasey Ford  and Tina Turner

Eggs of the State

mother earth

black dot on Liberty

Buying Greenland
the Night the Moon ate the Stars