a series of broken stones, a woman's path from the past to the future

Wilderness of Salt                         Lullaby                          #brokenwomenmendstronger

MACADAM is a body of work, from various series, which address a myriad of crises facing humanity today. 

As a firm believer that one of the most powerful possibilities of art is to comment, address, and change the course of human behavior, MACADAM was created -- in protest, and as a call to action.
The Kavanaugh Hearings and #brokenwomenmendstronger  were a personal launching points about #metoo.  There is also Property of the State, which comments on female reproductive rights, Asylum and Nevermore that address violations at our borders.  Extinction, on the other hand, contemplates permanent loss from the animal kingdom because of man.

To quote Nina Simone - “You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times.”  MACADAM not only hopes to reflect the times, it is an effort to change them, for the better through art.


  Catherine Blasey Ford  and Tina Turner



attack on Liberty

mother earth
Tiny Acorn, Mighty Oak - Greta Thunberg

Buying Greenland
the Night the Moon ate the Stars